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UCOM Double Dual Shock Pc GamePad


  • Controller high precision analog joystick
  • 360-degree-wide control
  • Cross direction bottom Cross direction button
  • more precise position
  • Double Shock Vibration
  • 11 fire buttons to control the latest games
  • Digital & Analog modes for peak performance
  • 2 analog controllers that enable you to control 4 separate axes
  • Compatible with all windows Operating Systems Win10/8/7/XP

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This Double dual shock Gamepad for PC is a quality packed gamepad which does not require any installation. it is just plug, play and Enjoy. Play all you PC games well. Whether you use a PC or a console, the right game controller can make all the difference when you’re playing your favourite titles. It can be frustrating to navigate digital worlds with mouse clicks and keyboard commands. Some controllers are meant for general use and can be frustrating to use during certain games that require other peripheral devices.


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