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Solarmax Charge Controller/20,40,60A


  • 12v
  •  1 year warranty.
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Your huge investment in the battery bank for your inverter or solar power system will prove a waste if you fail to select your battery with care. Solarmax deep cycle battery offers a trusted option for powering your inverter installation. Solarmax batteries are built to good quality standard, providing extended durability and excellent power backup.

This solar charge controller can automatically control the operation of the solar panel and battery in the solar system. It is easy to set up and operate. To protect the life of your battery, when the voltage of the battery drops below 8V, the solar controller automatically turns off (LCD is not available at the same time). It is a very smart unit for solar panel!

How could I use it?

This charge controller is for 12V / 24V. When installing for the first time, ensure that the battery has sufficient voltage so that the charge controller can detect the normal battery type. Install the charge controller as close as possible to the battery to avoid voltage drops due to excessively long cables.

How do I install it?

Caution: The solar charge controller should first connect the battery and then connect the solar panel and finally the load! The order of disassembly does not correspond to the order of cabling.

Additional information

charge controler size

20, 40, 60


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