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Premier Halogen room heater with two heat settings 800w/1600watts



  • 2 Heat settings provide instant heat for your home
  • Carry handle to ease manoeuvrability
  • Simple controls
  • Safety tilt switch
  • High heating efficiency
  • Long Span-Life
  • 1600Watts Two Tube Quartz Heater
  • Automatic Tip-Over Protect
  • Portable


Product details

This cold season, we got you covered. Say good buy to cold days and nights.

Keep your home warm during this cold season with this tiny portable heater. This Quartz Heater produce Cool, warm and hot winds. It comes with Adjustable thermostat with Thermal automatic cut-out when it gets to the right temperature, which prevents overheating. This model is also designed with energy efficiency in mind. It uses either 1600w of power to heat up the environment. There are two heat setting selections included.

P/s Ensure the heater is placed/seater on a flat surface before putting it on to ensure it works.


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