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Fridge ,refrigerator & Washing Machine Rotating Stand 90 by 90


  • Material: PVC and stainless steel.
  • Maximum Width:20 –  35inches.
  • Maximum Length: 20 – 35 inches.
  • Minimum Width: 15 – 20 inches
  • . Minimum Length: 15 – 20inches.
  • Height: 3.9 – 8 inches.
  • For fridge; washing machines, any other item


Built with sturdy PVC pieces and stainless-steel poles, this dolly has a weight limit of a hefty 300lb, making moving large furniture or appliances like washing machines and dressers fast and effortless.
Sitting on top of 8 rubber swivel wheels, this dolly roller can be moved across any smooth flooring with little effort. When you want the cart to stay still, four Double wheels lock with a flip of a switch to ensure the dolly won’t move unexpectedly.
Suitable for dryer, washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioner, heavy equipment, heavy flower pots and so on.
Base height of4-5 inches, keep the bottom ventilated, easy to clean and reduce the water to keep clean.
Durable , firm, adjustable dimension and convenient movement.

1.The depth of the inserted panel at both ends of the steel pipe should remain the same (>5cm)
2.Place the weight in the center of the panel,Steel pipes can not be stressed, otherwise the panel will be cracked and the steel pipe will be deformed.


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