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AILYONS ELP-2413, Clear* 3D Acoustic Multimedia Speaker



Clear* 3D acoustic technologyPowerful* Cinema-grade bass surroundEasy* The master volume/Treble/Bass control
SPEAKER (Model Number 2413)SPECIFICATIONS1. BT,FM,USB/SD,AUX,MP3,LED display,AC/DC2. Built-in powerful amplifier3. Full function remote control4. Master volume/treble/bass control5. S/N: ≥72dB6. Material:wooden+ABS & covered black7. Input Power:  AC220V-240V~ 50/60Hz8. Output Power:15W+3W×29. Speaker Unit:4″×1+3″×2
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AILYONS 2413 SPEAKER 3D surround education effect, the sound effect is better and shockingThe surging 2.1-channel sound is delicate and crisp, and it is very pleasant to the ear. After tuning by thousands of different songs by the tuner, and with the speaker system technology and tuning technology, the 2.1-channel explosive force is more powerful.
Auditory feastHigh-fidelity stereo surround sound, 15W high-power combination design, clear and transparent treble, true and warm midrange, strong potential for bass, and you can experience high-fidelity cinema sound at home.Large speakers are more suitable for large scenes, easy to control different usage scenarios.Whether it is the office, living room, study, or watching a movie, you can enjoy the shocking effects of a cinema at home.
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