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The  4 way training Set


The  4 way training Set

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  • Firms and tones legs bums and tummy
  • Impact free motion
  • Aerobic conditioning as well as strength training
  • Tightens abdominal
  • Strengthens back muscles
  • Easy to use and store

The 4-way training Set is a versatile workout accessory everyone should have. It can be used to work out the abs and it also helps to strengthen and tone your arms‎,‎ legs‎,‎ hips‎,‎ thighs, and chest‎. Order this 4-way training Set online in Kenya and have Alabama COLLECTIONS Deliver it right to your doorstep. 

Get In Shape

If you want an abdominal exercise to contour your tummy then this simple piece of exercise equipment will tone your abs and help your weight loss goals.‎ In addition,‎ when used regularly as part of your fitness regime it also helps to strengthen and tone your arms,‎ legs,‎ hips,‎ and thighs.‎

Gain The Abs You Always Wanted

Everyone dreams of six-pack abs but often time and body fat is against you ‎‐ this resistance tubing ab trainer will enable you to work out easily anywhere with a minimum of space.‎  It is portable and lightweight so after your you can pack it neatly away.‎ Soft grip handles make this a cool tummy trainer,‎ ideal when you want a funky bit of abdominal exercise equipment for minimum spend.‎


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